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A good Business School program succeeds in the manifestation of perfection which is in present in every student. In the dynamic world of corporate, the demand for young managers, with specialized skills and right attitudes is constant and growing.” A great Business School offers courses in all major business disciplines such as Marketing, Finance, HRM, Business Analytics, Operations, Supply Chain Management, etc., to name a few. But to succeed in the global job market, students need to learn how to stand out among the crowds of graduating students each year. We take pride in letting you all know that apart from imparting the basic specialization courses as per the curriculum, we at WBS teach our students the most important aspect i.e., life skills. Now a day’s every corporate demand young budding manager to come with the right attitude, skills, and knowledge. In order to be competitive and career-ready, we have designed WBS Finishing School wherein we train our students in overall development which includes communication, attitude, grooming, public speaking, aptitude, mock group discussion, and personal interviews, which is a clear indicator that helps us to stand out in the crowd of much another business school who only offer the traditional or theoretical based curriculum. All our students go through a wide spectrum of experiences, which includes Guest lectures, Industrial visits, corporate visits, Live projects and Summer Internships, Business Challenges, IRE Courses (Innovation, Research & Entrepreneurship), etc. These programs provide our students with real-world experience by incorporating practical elements.

Dr. Harish Patil
Dean (Training and Placement) WBS, Pune

If you want to move up in your organization or make a lateral change to focus on solving business problems (e.g. strategic level decisions) instead of functional area problems (e.g., marketing analytics, financial analysis), then our dual Specialized PGDM is the perfect route to achieve your career goals. Once you have decided which type of post graduate path is best for you, then our program staff is ready to assist you in realizing this goal. The WBS Graduate Business Program boasts a world-class faculty, strong alumni network and close individual and corporate relationships. Our faculty brings both industry experience and high academic quality to the classroom. In addition, the college has interactive learning classrooms that feature the latest technology designed to create an active learning environment for case discussions, simulations, and lectures. Community engagement is an important cornerstone of our curriculum with students working on projects for local businesses, the Aquarium of the Pacific, other units of the Institutions. In addition, opportunities to do a one-week study abroad in some of our programs adds to the global focus of our programs. These experiences provide a practical component to the theory taught in the classroom and enhances the foundational knowledge that our graduates take into their careers. Let me congratulate you on your decision to further your education with a Post graduate degree. I invite you to connect with us. Again, congratulations on the start of a journey that will transform your career and enhance your life.